Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Round 3 of the 2nd Annual #AlmaMaterMadness

The 2nd Annual #AlmaMaterMadness has been quite an epic event! 

After a thrilling round one that featured some serious upsets, we moved into a second round like none other!!

Read on to see how Round 3 is structured, because it's a little different than the rest!

What started off as a 20 college battle has been whittled down to just five Catholic Hipster colleges all vying for your vote. 

Round three is here to get us all set up for the Final Four! 

The Final Five #AlmaMaterMadness schools for 2016 are: 

(1) Aquinas College
(2) Ave Maria University
(4) Benedictine
(8) Steubenville
(11) Mount St. Mary's

Vote in the poll on the right hand side of this page (since Twitter doesn't allow for 5 selections in a poll), and after the poll closes, we'll be ready for the Final Four!

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