Monday, March 7, 2016

It's the 2nd Annual #InfalliblyHip!

Some thought he got a bump because people thought they were voting for Benedict XVI, but I think it was because he used to rock epic hats and specs. 

Read on to see this year's four nominees for Papal Hipster!
Let's revisit last year's ground rules:

1. Our selection of possible Papal Hipsters is confined only to Popes who filled in for Peter prior to my birth (it would just be way to easy for JP2, B16, and Papa Francesco to win this thing).

2. St. Peter can't make the list...the fact that he was Pope before being Pope was a thing just wouldn't be fair to the rest of the hopeful Vicars. 

3. Popes that we know too little about aren't eligible either. While being obscure may make you hip, we need tangibles to decide this contest. 

And this year, we're added the rule that last year's winner can't repeat (sorry B15). 

And now, this year's #InfalliblyHip conclave is ready to begin: 

1. Pope Silveirus


Pope from June 536 - March 537

Actual Name: Silverius

Silverius was the son of Pope Hormisdas, which has to be pretty rare in Papal History. He became venerated as a saint when he was called upon by fisherman during a huge storm, and calmed the seas during an appearance on the water. 

2. Pope Callixtus II

162-Callixtus II.jpg

Pope from 1119 - 1124

Actual Name: Guy of Burgundy 

How sweet of a name is "Guy of Burgundy"? His pontificate was shaped by the Investiture Controversy, which was the largest conflict between the Church and the Medieval State during the 11th and 12th centuries. Callixtus settled the dispute with the Concordance of Worms in 1122, finally reaching an agreement with the HRE Henry V. 

3. Pope Benedict XII

197-Benedict XII.jpg

Pope from 1334 - 1342

Actual Name: Jacques Fournier

B12 was the third Avignon Pope, which is pretty hipster if you ask me. Born to a family of modest means, he became a monk in the 1280s. He was elected pope on the first ballot at the conclave of 1334, in what has been seen as something of an accident. The Cardinals didn't realize that they would vote with the needed majority, and were planning on just testing the waters with Fournier. He has been falsely associated with campaigning against the Immaculate Conception, and we're glad that didn't turn out to be true. 

4. Pope Paul III

220-Paul III.jpg

Pope from 1534 - 1549

Actual Name: Alessandro Farnese

P3 came to the Papal thrown in the era following the sack of Rome, and right after the Protestant Reformation. He brought on some fantastic counter-reformation techniques, including bringing a bunch of new orders on board, including the Jesuits. In 1545, he convened the Council of Trent. I'm kinda feeling like he's absolutely going to win...

So, it's time to get voting, my fellow hipster conclavists. 

Head on over to Twitter to vote for the Pope you think has the most hipster cred!!

If only I had a virtual chimney...

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