Thursday, March 10, 2016

How Conservative Party Politics is Ruining American Catholicism

While most of us realize that the Catholic faith does not line up completely with either of the two major political parties in this country, I think it's obvious that one particular party rises to the top when we consider the non-negotiables.

We must stand up for marriage and the right to life, and the more liberal side of the American political machine stands in opposition to that.

And yet, the conservative side of the aisle has some major problems as well.

It seems as though many of us are losing this understanding, that Catholicism transcends politics, and find ourselves cannonballing into the Republican Party as some sort of savior for our county. 

It isn't. 

And our propensity to act out the contrary is ruining American Catholicism. 

How many times have I been left scratching my head at articles from well-meaning Catholics that seem to be love notes to the Republican party? 

Articles that support an unchecked right to bare arms, reducing services that help those who are poor and unable to make ends meet for themselves, an aggressive acceptance of the death penalty, un-Catholic stances on immigration, and of course, war.

While I understand Catholics can disagree on many of the topics above, the way that Catholics on the "Republican side of these issues" tend to present things is disturbing.

The teaching of the Catholic faith has us landing on both sides of the aisle, and to ignore that fact is to lose your Catholic identity. 

We stand for helping the poor, welcoming the stranger, visiting the imprisoned. 

While at the same time standing for the right to life, marriage as instituted by God, and protecting the family while promoting it's crucial role in our culture. 

Pushing an absolute Conservative agenda because we want to push the later, leads to us giving up the former, and it's a huge mistake. 

Let's try being authentically Catholic instead. 

Let's be pro-life, while at the same time pushing for paid maternity leave for parents. 

Let's be pro-family, while at the same time vowing to keep families together by stopping the deportation of people who are escaping the horrors of a neighboring country. 

Let's be pro-traditional marriage, while at the same time understanding that there is no longer a need to kill those who have perpetrated even the most heinous of crimes through the death penalty.

Let's be Catholic, and stop allowing our culture to try and pin us down to side with one party or the other. 

And let's do it soon, before we lose our faith. 

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  1. I exercise my right to bare arms: I own almost no long-sleeved shirts.