Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All Things to All People

We are all called to spread the Gospel message to others, and that can take a lot of different forms. 

In our modern culture, we often feel compelled to "update" the message of The Gospel as a way of making it more accessible to others. 

While St. Paul instructed that he became "all things to all people" for the sake of spreading the message of Christ, is there a limit to conforming for the sake of converting?

This whole issue came up for me a little ways back when The Passion Live was aired on FOX (back on Palm Sunday, to be specific). 

While my initial reaction was to be disgusted with the idea that Our Lord's Passion was being set to Katy Perry hits, I saw (and understood) the many Daughters of St. Paul who were tweeting about how Blessed James Alberione would have loved something like this. 

Of course, St. Paul himself talks about becoming all things to all people for the sake of bringing the Gospel message to them. 

What I wonder, though, is if there is a limit to adapting to the culture that we are trying to evangelize. 

While The Passion Live may not have been heretical, and may (MAY) have led someone to consider coming back to Jesus, it was weird, and it wasn't the Passion that we have all come to know and appreciate. 

That being said, it seems like it was a great tool for opening up our culture to hearing the message of Jesus on live television...even if St. Peter was singing Hoobatsank. 

So, what say you Catholic Hipsters? Is there a limit to becoming all things to all people? Or, is the New Evangelization just a free for all for the sake of getting Jesus to the masses?

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