Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crowdsourcing Our Enemy List

I recently heard about Lands End going explicitly pro-abortion, and enjoyed the backlash from Catholic uniform aficionados over on Twitter. 

It made me wonder, though, is someone actively keeping a list of persons/places/things that make Catholics' heads explode?

Now, I'm not trying to make a serious list of things that are actual real threats to our spirituality and walk with God, but rather a list of the funny things that get modern-day Catholics seeing red. 

Let's start the list and allow ya'll to add to it with some good ol' fashion crowdsourcing! 

Current List of Persons/Places/Things Catholics Can't Even... (updated today)

1. Yoga
2. Harry Potter
3. Doritos
4. Some show called Lucifer on TV, which none of us have, so I'm not sure why everyone's complaining
5. Lands End
6. Girl Scouts

There are so many more entires I can add, but I wanted to toss it to you, my seven loyal readers. 

Who/What/Where else should be on the list? 

Let us know over on Twitter!


  1. doritos are still on my list. they're nasty and make your fingers unnatural colours

  2. Meatless Monday rather than Meatless Friday