Saturday, February 20, 2016

Contraception is bad, mmmmkay?

First off, let me underscore the fact that I agree with the Church's teaching on contraception. 

So much so that my wife and I have done our fair share of teaching NFP to random couples, given presentations to countless ngages couples on the topic, and have tried our best to shout from the rooftops that contraception is bad news for everyone. 

And while I agree that contraception is at the root of a great number of our culture's problems, I think the Catholic tendency to blame everything on contraception kind of makes us look stupid. 

Contraception has surely contributed in large measure to what many of us see as the downfall of our culture. I would venture to say that it has led to an increase in marital infidelity, divorce, abortion, STDs, immodesty, and the destruction of traditional marriage.

That's saying a lot, I know, and I realize that when I make this claim to someone who doesn't agree, the onus is on me to show why I think all of that. 

However, many Catholics keep going well beyond my claims of the contraceptive fallout. 

They blame absolutely everything on contraception, and while I might agree with many of the things they say, I think it ends up doing a disservice to our argument by making us look a tad silly. 

Even though the argument may be true in many cases, people aren't really read to hear it all the time. And while the fact that contraception leads to infidelity is pretty clear, for example, the fact that it leads to devil worshipers wanting to put a statue of Satan on the lawn of the City Hall building in Lodi, CA (I just made that up) may be a little more difficult to connect. 

All I'm saying is that while it is important for us to speak the truth, people may not be ready for the huge giant truths we're about to drop on them. Taking it easy may help us to fair better in convincing people of our position. 

What do you think?

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