Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Response to to Being "Too Lazy to Get the Butter From the Fridge"

Another day, another post about the Millennial Generation being a bunch of screen-obsessed lazy good-for-nothings.

Today at Aleteia, a translation of a French article was posted (click here to see the Aleteia piece) and the fine folks at Aleteia asked for a reader response. 

Here we go:

It took me one day - from the day I left home - to learn to read the cooking time on a box of pasta. I ate a lot of pasta, mostly mixed with chicken and peas, because it seemed like a healthy and easy dinner to pull together.

My trajectory through college and on through graduate school was the proof that we are a generation willing to turn off the screens and crack open a book, a generation that delves into the deepest and most difficult topics with logic before taking a stance. I belong to the generation that knows what it wants, and is finally going to do something about it.

We want to make the world fairer, the planet greener, the culture more equal for all, and to return to a simpler time when the food was fresh and raised nearby. We participate in politics both in real life, and on social media as a way of promoting the common good. We rarely post selfies, but instead share articles and blog posts that delve into the truth of our lives, both the good times and the bad. 

We know that riding a bike can reduce pollution and daily stress, but we go to work in our cars so that we can get home to our wife and children as quickly as possible. We have come to an understanding that the most important thing in this life is our faith and our family, and we sacrifice everything to be able to spend more time immersing ourselves in both.

We prefer to write on a computer because we are able to share our ideas with as many people as possible. Posting a message on the internet to express our opinion is easy, and yet we take it seriously because we care about making sure our message is received with clarity. 

We believe that we have worked hard to get in the positions we are in, and we aren't going to stop working hard because we have developed a correct understanding of why work is important. We take the extra effort of working even harder, and giving up the finer things in life, because we know that having a parent at home with the children is the best thing for us. 

We have grown up to understand that our parents were right all along, and we have embraced them and thanked them for their guidance, even though we probably weren't always open to hearing it. 

We're happy to have our couch be used as a trampoline.

Crying is difficult for us, but it has been for every generation, and it will never cease being so.

On Twitter, we don't pretend to be a happy generation when things are bad, and instead take the time to pull back the curtain on our pain just in case sharing might help someone else not feel alone. We take breaks at work to pray on our Breviary apps, because we know that focusing on God throughout our day will help us be better and more productive at our jobs. 

I belong to a generation that is overflowing with ideas and will continue to work hard to shape this world into a better place. And I'll be happy to chip in and work alongside my peers to get the job done, because I was hungry and knew I needed to read the instructions on how to cook pasta. 

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