Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The 2nd Annual America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City

Back on January 5, 2015, we embarked on one of our best Catholic Hipster contests ever: America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City (#ANTCHC).

The contest was an epic battle between Portland, Denver, Lincoln, Austin, and Cincinnati, and after the votes were counted, the result was posted on Twitter via this picture:

Well, it's time to crown a new America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City!

Read on to check out our nominees...

1. Denver, CO

They made the list last year, and we'd feel foolish if they didn't make the list again here in 2016.

Denver is not only home to many of the up and coming Catholic Hipsters (Mary Rezac and Melissa Keating, just to name a few), but it was also home to World Youth Day back in 1993.

That World Youth Day, and the visit from now-St. John Paul II is seen by many as one of the most fruitful events in our country's recent history (in terms of conversions, reversions, and vocations).

Will any of that lead to a victory for Denver this time around?

2. Oakland, CA

If you've spent any time meandering my Twitter feed, I'm guessing you've probably noticed my trying to make the case that Oakland in the Bay Area's true hipster city, not San Francisco as many outside the area believe.

If you just spend a few minutes walking downtown near the Cathedral, you'll see what I'm talking about. I once walked into a little food joint down there on a work lunch break, looked at the menu, and had to walk out because I had no idea what anything was...I'm just not hipster enough.

Plus, the Diocese of Oakland is straight up gigantic, and includes other mega-hipster hubs like Berkeley, Point Richmond, and Livermore (all the locals reading this just laughed out loud).

While they may be losing the Raiders and Warriors, they may be winning a hipster title, which would be nice to balance things out.

3. Kansas City, MO

Next on our list is the Paris of the Plains.

The home of ├╝ber Catholic Hipsters like the Kotarys, Patrick Padley, and our very own 2015 Catholic Hipster of the Year John Leyendecker (although he's from Kansas City, Kansas), KC is definitely a city in the Catholic Hipster rise.

Bishop James Johnston has also recently been appointed as head of the Diocese, and he's ready to get things back on track for all you young, on fire Catholic Hipsters out there.

They've got a World Series ring, how about this too?

4. Duluth, MN

Catholic Hipster of the Year runner up Aly Aleigha tipped us off on Duluth, and it is easily your dark horse candidate this time around.

With the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, and Bishop Sirba holding things down, Duluth has all the makings of a freezing Catholic Hipster Mecca.

Canal Park is one of the hippest places around, but does it have enough cred to help Duluth bring home the crown?

5. St. Louis, MO

St. Louis was voted in via a last minute Twitter poll, and the STL was represented well.

The Rome of the West is flooded with serious Catholic Hipsters, with Leah Darrow obviously leading the pack. And how about the "Be One" campaign? It's bold, it's awesome, and it's totally hipster.

It's also the only city on our list named for a Catholic Saint.

We may have a ringer here, folks.

Alright everyone, vote for your favorite in the poll on the right, and be sure to take to Twitter with the hashtag #ANTCHC2!

Let's do this!


  1. I nominate Seattle for a future Hipster Catholic City!

  2. Have to admit that I loved this blog post for two reasons: #1. Because I am a Deacon at your parish in that hipster haven - Livermore!, and #2. Because I spent the first 25 years of my life in the winner, Cincinnati! Overall, a really nice daily double...