Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let's Stop This New vs Old Thing

If you take a look at the Catholic Interwebs, you'd think there was a battle amongst the faithful in the Catholic Church.

It doesn't take much searching to find that tired "New vs. Old" Catholic debate brewing under the surface of just about every social media interaction.

I'm here to say that this debate, this fracture, needs to stop.

For some reason, there are some who feel compelled to take up the battle flag of one side or the other.

Are we traditional Catholics or are we progressive Catholics? Are we all about justice or mercy? Do we feel like the Extraordinary Form is more revenant, or do we feel like the Ordinary Form is the preferred method of public worship? Are we fans of Benedict or Francis? Do we like mantillas, or do we think they're kind of awkward relics of a bygone era?

This battle is constantly brewing under the surface of Catholic Twitter, and the entire Catholic Blogosphere, and I'd like it to stop.

As Catholics, we are proud fans of the both/and, and it should be no different when it comes to old vs. new. 

It's not either old OR new, it's BOTH old AND new.

Let's remember that when we take to the interwebs...

I'll try and make an effort if you will. 

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