Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do Real Hipsters Ditch Their Phones?

Back in the day, unplugging cable was a mega hipster move. I was always proud to sound off in front of a large group, "We don't have cable!" (Of course, we had Netflix, so it wasn't as big of a deal as I made it out to be).

Now, pretty much everyone is without cable TV, so it's no big deal.

Time to move onto the next big hipster craze, and I'm wondering if that means ditching our phones...

Let's face it, I am pretty much attached to my cell phone all the time.

We are a connected generation.

And, being a hipster seems to be about being connected in various ways.

But, I'm curious, is the next big hipster thing going to be ditching our cell phones?

We've seen hipsters cut the TV cord, drop digital cameras out of favor, and say adios to email in order to get back to handwritten notes, but is the next move putting away the cell phones so that we can get back to living an unplugged lifestyle?

I have to admit, the idea of ditching the cell phone is equal parts exciting and terrifying.

Just thinking about it has been shaking with anticipation...or possibly withdrawals.

What say you, Catholic Hipsters?

1 comment:

  1. I've been mulling it over since the post went live and... I agree about the feelings of excitement and terror when it comes to ditching the phone. It would be incredibly refreshing to ditch the stress of constantly being available and be out in the world without instagramming every quiet moment we come across.

    I'd definitely find an excuse for having my phone on me (I'm the communication hub for our family...caregiver for the student...) but if ditching the phone is the new trend, I propose a baby step: off hours. Set aside hours for when the phone is off and gradually increase the time off as you go. Use that time off from the phone to be present in the world.