Thursday, December 10, 2015

You Should Know: Leticia Ochoa Adams

We are all about bringing you up to date on the Catholic Hipsters that you should know, and today we're talking about the insanely hilarious Leticia Ochoa Adams.

I first heard about Leticia from Jen Fulwiler via Twitter during the last Edel Conference.

When she shared a story that started with alcohol and ended with something that can't be repeated on this weblog, I knew I had to follow Leticia on Twitter.

What a freaking blessing!

She's hilarious, quick witted, and as we have recently seen from her increasingly popular blog, she's deep.

Her blog posts always make us stop and think, and I'm consistently impressed at how darn relateable she is.

If you're up for some hilariousness mixed in with some deep thoughts on how messy this whole faith journey thing can be, follow her on Twitter @LeticiaOAdams!

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