Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What's the Problem with #FiatLux?

Today, the Vatican put on quite a show!

Outside of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, and the opening of the Jubilee of Mercy, they also put on the display known as #FiatLux.

This show projected environmental images onto the facade of St. Peter's, and the images were pretty stunning (check it out below).

So...why do people seem to have a problem with it?

Below are just some of the amazing images being projected onto St. Peter's tonight:

Predictably, the Rad Trads are out in force over on Twitter talking about how this show demonstrates that the Church is not the actual Catholic Church.

Even more predictably, I'm out in force on Twitter making fun of them for their stance.

However, some of the backlash against this show seems to also be coming from regular Joe Catholics.

I'm baffled.

I know, I know...I should know better by now.

After the ridiculous outcry from certain Catholics upon the release of Laudato Si, I shouldn't be surprised that those same Catholics are offended by this environmental light show.

But, am I supposed to be upset that my Church, a Church that helps point me toward worship of the true Creator of the Universe, is supporting the environment?

What is it that has people so frustrated?

Is it that they wish that the show was projecting images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, rather than "secular" images of the world?

Or, shouldn't we realize that this show helps to once again put the Catholic Church out into the world, while proclaiming that we are not of it?

Shouldn't we realize that our world and our environment are a reflection of the greatness of God and the love he has for us?

Shouldn't we just chill out, and enjoy the show?

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  1. I feel that most of the noise that is being produced is due to it being done on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. I can see how this would irk some, since the Basilica was being used as a backdrop for the presentation, and it did not include anything directly pertaining to the Solemnity. I agree that having the show was, in several ways, a good thing to do. It was a way to express the points that Pope Francis made in his Laudato Si on the importance of caring for our environment, and it was a creative way to show the Catholic Church's stance on caring for our world and preserving the natural beauty that God gave us. However, it could have been done on almost any other day of the week, rather than the day that we are acknowledging the Immaculate Conception of Mary. If anything, I feel that they could have utilized the event as a way to casually introduce the general population to the Catholic Church and her stance on Mary.
    Also, and this is a personal thing, I feel that they could have used some better images. some of them worked really well for the event, but others do not transmit well on the Basilica. If they repeat the event in the future, maybe they will keep that in mind.