Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tommy & Serg in: Freaky Good Friday!

A couple of days ago, I tweeted a joke about a "Freaky Friday" type movie where Sergio Bermudez and I would switch bodies after a mishap at Mass.

Inspired by Serg's response that "nothing good could come of this," today I embark on the multi-post journey to create to screenplay.

The film opens with a moving shot of a beautiful Cathedral-esque Catholic Church. The Agnus Dei is being sung (in Latin, of course), with the entire congregation joining in. 

The camera briefly stops on Tommy and his family, singing along, songbooks open.

It continues to pan, and pauses briefly on Sergio, wearing a remarkably hilarious Christmas sweater.

As the ushers dismiss the pews for Communion, something very curious happens.

Tommy and Serg bump into each other as they get in line for the Eucharist. When they bump, they notice something odd, but they keep walking...

As they return to the pew, Tommy heads over to sit by himself, while Serg joins Tommy's family.

"Um, excuse me," Tommy's wife quips, "Who are you, and why are you sitting here?"

Tommy responded, not knowing that he is now in Sergio's body, "Sweetie, are you feeling okay? It's me."

Meanwhile, Sergio almost immediately notices that his interest in lighting up a smoke after Mass has completely diminished. He finds it odd, and looks down at his watch to check the time, only to realize his light complexion.

He shouts loud enough for the entire congregation to hear, "What the f%@!$?!"

Everyone turns around to see what the swearing was all about.

The scene fades to black, and as the words "Freaky Good Friday" fade onto the screen, the song "Thug Mansion" starts to play....

I'll continue putting the screen play together as a fun (for me) running gag here on the blog...and who knows? Maybe Serg will pick it up over at Patheos and we'll have this thing filming in front of the EWTN cameras before you know it. 

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