Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Saturday Catholic Quiz Show

You think you're up to answering some tough Catholic questions on a Saturday?

Let's do this!

Welcome to The Saturday Catholic Quiz Show, where we ask some questions relating to the upcoming feasts, and you try and answer them.

Ready? Go!

1. What is the French phrase that Mary uttered to St. Bernadette when she referred to herself as the Immaculate Conception?

2. What is St. Juan Diego's wife's name?

3. In what year did Juan Diego's tilma survive a bomb?

4. What style of chant was started by St. Ambrose?

5. What number Pope is Pope St. Damasus I?

The answers are below.

1. Je suis l'ImmaculĂ©e conception

2. Maria Lucia

3. 1921

4. Antiphonal Chant

5. #37

How'd you do? I know, I know, you probably scored 100%.

Way to go!

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