Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Importance of Liturgical Living

It's the Second Sunday of Advent, and that brings up the topic of the importance of Liturgical Living in our beautiful Catholic Church.

Let's talk about why it matters.

For many Christians, the idea of living a Liturgical Calendar has been lost, and I feel sorry for them because I have seen how Liturgical Living helps connect us to the larger Church, the larger Body of Christ,  and that is always a good thing.

And it's not just for us adults, it's for the kids too.

The "smells and bells," the colors and vestments, the slight variations in the way the Mass plays out, it all helps children connect to the idea that there is something special about our Catholicism.

And, pushing the Liturgical Living beyond the confines of your parish drives that point home all the more so. Being able to enjoy foods, music, projects, and gatherings that point to the Liturgical Season are so much fun, and really remind us what's so special about being Catholic.

It sets us apart for our faith, and that stays with us. We were made for something more.

So, try your best to remember that we aren't just living in the pre-Christmas season, we're living in the Liturgical Season of Advent.

And let's celebrate all that Advent, and the beginning of a new Church year, has to offer.

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