Monday, December 14, 2015

The #CatholicBookCoverUp Awards

This is a pretty exciting one for me.

Today we kick off the Catholic Book Cover-Up Award!

Let's face it, Catholic books can sound and look pretty weird to the general culture.

For whatever reason, it is more acceptable to be walking around with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition than it is to be walking around with the Catechism...go figure!

I'm sure I'm not alone when I speak about feeling the need to keep a book face down when I'm at work or chillin' at the local coffee shop.

That's what this award is all about.

Which Catholic book makes us want to cover up what we're reading more than any other?

Let's get to the nominees...

We've spilled plenty of ink, and even spent an entire podcast, on the Chastity is For Lovers cover. Arleen Spenceley's book is a fantastic read, and it's a message for men just as much as it is a message for women. But, I've got to be honest, I was really careful to be sure that none of my-coworkers saw what I was reading whenever I had it out...

Simcha Fisher's The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning was one of the most hilarious and true to life books I have ever read on the topic of NFP. The cover, though, was definitely NSFW ("Not Safe For Work"), and I even considered making one of those old school paper bag book covers from back in the day to help it stay incognito.

I love me some Maria Johnson, and I'm happy to be reading this book during my downtime at work right now, but this is another one that is asking to be hidden from coworkers. Not because it has the word "bad ass" in the title, but because the cover is an obvious conversation starter. People would see it and immediately want to start talking to me about what My Bad Ass Book of Saints is all about, and I don't generally like talking to people, so I keep it on the down low. Don't worry, Maria, I don't mind talking about it on Twitter...

Strange Gods has one of the most beautiful and clean-looking covers on our list of nominees, and I think the idea of showing us the various things we have turned into idols without realizing it is a much needed message. And yet, I'd be keeping this Elizabeth Scalia read under wraps because I could just imagine how a coworker would see the book and launch into a tirade about how Catholics need to chill out and just be normal. And, if you read this blog, you realize that's a conversation I really wouldn't be able to have without shouting, which is generally frowned upon at work,.

Some might argue that tossing the Bible into the mix is kind of unfair to the aforementioned authors. I mean, how can they compete with the Word of God? And yet, I felt it would be a huge mistake to leave it off of the list. If you're carrying a Bible around with you, I would say you were a solid Catholic who obviously takes your faith seriously. I'm not most people, though, and most people would think you were a nut job. Sorry...just speaking the truth.

So, my dear 7 loyal readers, which book do you think deserves the Catholic Book Cover Up Award more than any other?

Vote in the poll on the right hand side of this very webpage ,and shout your thoughts out on Twitter with the hashtag #CatholicBookCoverUp!


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