Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Catholic Hipster of the Year 2015 is...

Well, the votes have been counted, and one of Anna Mitchell's Catholic Hipster of the Year nominees ended up standing head and shoulders above the rest.

With over 50% of the 1,000+ votes cast, the 2015 Catholic Hipster of the Year is...

John Leyendecker!!!

Congratulations to John, and many thanks to all the other amazing nominees!!

You are all amazing Catholics, and total hipsters in our book.

As for John, I'm thinking this means you're going to be presented the award officially from last year's winner, Anna Mitchell, live on the Son Rise Morning Show in the coming days...but that's purely speculation and a shameless desire for my own self-promotion...

Oh, and John, you only have 350 or so days to get me your list of nominees for next year's award.

Have a great year, everyone!!

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