Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Only 7 Days To Go!

In just 7 days, something historic will be accomplished here on the Catholic Hipster weblog.

Care to guess what it is?

If you guessed "you will have completed 365 days on the weblog with at least one post every single day," you'd be right, sir!

There have been some deep and thought provoking posts, some funny posts, and plenty of throw aways (kind of like this one).

But, all things considered, we're proud of the accomplishment of bringing you something related to being a Catholic Hipster for an entire year without interruption...I mean, we will be, as long as we can keep it up for 7 more days!

So, to our 6 loyal readers, who have stayed with us all year to enjoy the more than 1,000 total posts over the last year, thank you! 

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