Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let the People Have Their Macro-Brews

In honor of the Year of Mercy, I'm calling on all of us Catholic Hipsters to give it a rest when being stuck up about everyone else's choice of brew.

We hipsters love our small-batch craft beer, that's for sure.

And I'm happy to admit that I'm usually up for a snarky comment when it comes to people choosing a popular and "normal" beer. If I show up at a friend's house and get offered a beer, only to be handed a Coors Light...I'm probably going to put it back and ask for water instead.

But this year, given the Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis, let's cut people some slack, eh?

Instead of giving people a hard time for drinking macro-brews, let's live and let live in the beer-drinking community.

Year of Mercy = Dropping the pretentiousness.

Raise a pint of Bud Light, if you're with me!

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