Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let the Decoration Debate Begin!

Welcome to December!

Advent is in full swing, and that means it is time for Catholic Hipsters everywhere to begin the debate over Christmas decorations!

The debate is an annual debacle, not so much over what you put up to decorate for Christmas, but more over when the decorations go up.

We can divide ourselves into 3 main camps:
  • The Day After Thanksgiving Crowd
  • The First Day of Advent Crowd
  • The Day of Christmas Crowd
Most of us fit somewhere on this spectrum, and most of us (especially those in the third camp) seem to want to fiercely defend our position to strangers on Twitter, for some reason.

Where do you fit in, and why does it matter?


  1. The day after thanksgiving out of practicality, but first day of advent is the intent. Instead of my neighbors with day after Halloween

  2. Weekend after Thanksgiving. Why? Because that's when the kids are home from college (with their friends, roommates, work associates, and other random people they offer to feed Thanksgiving Dinner), before final exams begin, and they VOLUNTEER to put up the massive tree and hang the lights outside!