Friday, December 11, 2015

Catholic Twitter Needs a Patron Saint

For far too long, Catholic Twitter has been spinning out of control without the intercession of an official patron saint.

It's time for us to step it up and assign this duty to a member of the Heavenly Host.

How has Catholic Twitter gone on this long without having an officially declared Patron Saint?

I feel like I really dropped the ball here.

But, instead of declaring myself Pope of Tweet-ville, I'm looking to you, our 8 loyal readers, to help select the intercessor of the Catholic Twitterverse.

Hit us up on Twitter, and we'll put your ideas out there until one lucky soul in Heaven gets the task of interceding for all of us snarky jerks down here in the tweets.

Use the hashtag #PatronSaintOfCatholicTwitter to share your nominees. 

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