Sunday, November 22, 2015

What Happened to WIWS?

There was a time in the Catholic Blogosphere when #WIWS was the cat's pajamas.

The "What I Wore Sunday" crew was out in force on the weekends, in the Catholic Media world, showing off how they got the ultimate Mass attire for less than $10 per kid via a local St. Vincent de Paul's.

But, nowadays it seems to have lost its cool...what happened?

I used to routinely troll the "WIWS" hashtag, mostly because I thought it was hilarious that people would take these photos prior to Mass and then post them for the world to see, and now when I look around, I mostly see images that I posted to make fun of #WIWS:

Sure, there's a few people keeping the flame alive, but what happened?
Where did #WIWS go wrong?!?!

Let your thoughts be heard!!

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