Monday, November 23, 2015

Scoring the Catholic Digest Gift Guide

Our pals over at Catholic Digest have put out their gift guide for the Christmas holiday season, and we're here to give it a score like only we can.

Ready? Begin!

First off, you can check out the whole list by clicking here

Now, prepare yourselves for our winners and losers from the list.


FXP Hula Hoop - I can't think of anything a mom would enjoy more than standing in the midst of six insane, screaming children while exercising with a hula hoop. 

Jurassic World Gift Set - Yes. Always. 

Pope Francis Plush - Perfect choice! Kids fall asleep with the Pope by their side!!

Garden in a can - I totally love this, and I think my kids would too! I'd be like, "Come on kid!! Grow me some oregano NOW!"

Pie Face - I don't understand what it is, or why it exists, but I want it.


Inspirational Tees - I don't have teens (for about 7 more years), but I was a teen once, and I just can't imagine appreciating an "inspirational tee." 

Educational Toy Subscription - Kids don't want educational toys...they want pots and pans...and boxes...

Classic Bow & Mallow - I have come to learn that anything that shoots food is a bad idea.

Chalk ink - Because you just painted your house, and you hate yourself.

What say you, Catholic Hipsters? What were your hits and misses from this year's list? 

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