Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pope Francis, The Butcher?

No, this isn't a Rad Trad expose on Pope Francis.

Instead, it's breaking news obtained via Zenit that give insight into what Pope Francis was hoping to grow up and become...

Pope Francis, The Butcher?

In an interview Pope Francis gave to the Dutch newspaper "Straatnieuws," (say that one time fast...) he shared a whole bunch, but one tid bit really stuck with us.

It turns out that Pope Francis actually wanted to be a butcher when he grew up!

That's right, the Vicar of Christ, the spiritual leader of over a billion Catholics, would rather have been bringing home the bacon, literally!

While most of us grown up wanting to be police officers, doctors, and marine biologists, little Jorge was dreaming of chopping up a side of beef for his local carnivore pals.

If you're interested in checking out the non-butcher related content from this yet-to-be-released interview, click here.

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