Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Insider Scoop on Lisa Hendey: Before Dawn

The amazing and talented Lisa Hendey, quite possible the cream of the crop when it comes to Catholic Social Media celebrities, probably accomplishes more before the sun comes up than the rest of us accomplish all day.

Today, we bring you the insider scoop on how she spends her early mornings!

You all know Lisa Hendey as the media maven behind, but did you know that she also rocks the Son Rise Morning Show from her Fresno estate before the sun even rises on the West Coast?

It's true!

Lisa talks tech, social media, and in today's episode: The Beer Advent Calendar!

This post sparked some controversy over this Advent Calendar being something worth sipping on, or being somewhat sacrilegious.

Let's just hope that when she was chatting about it with Matt & Anna this morning, there was a steaming cup of pre-Advent coffee sitting nearby.

Keep an eye over @SRMorning on Twitter for the eventual podcast post of the interview.

And Lisa: Thanks for giving up your precious sleep for all of our benefit!

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