Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lent Your Advent!

Advent is a very interesting season...

Lent, now there's a season I know how to handle. You give something up, you pray a little more, you show up at Church more often than usual. Bingo bango.

But Advent? What are we supposed to do besides set out the decorations and tell stories of Baby Jesus to our kids? 

This year, why not recognize that Advent too is a season of preparation?
Why not Lent your Advent?

That's right! It isn't fair that Lent gets to be the favorite season of all of us suffering-loving Catholics. The time has come to turn Advent into a favorite of ours as well. And, since we are supposed to be preparing for the coming of our Lord and Savior, why not give something up to help us prepare?

So this Advent, we're looking to give something up, to make a sacrifice as a way of letting Jesus know that we are excited for his coming.

We're looking to Lent this Advent!

How about you? 

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