Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is MY Catholic THE Catholic?

Time for a sports reference.

As a fan of various sports teams, I used to hold anyone who said they were a fan to MY standard.

"Oh, you like the Canucks? Name the obscure players on the third line!"

That sort of thing.

I notice this exact same attitude in the Catholic world.

"Oh, you're Catholic? Who did you vote for? What time slot at Adoration did you sign up for? Where do you attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?"

I find it sad that this kind of divisiveness exists within our Universal Church.

One of the beauties of our Catholic faith is how open it is to different spiritual paths, different focuses, different charisms.

While there are, obviously, necessary guard rails for being Catholic and living within the one truth, there is no "You must be this one way if you want to be considered Catholic."

Unfortunately, there are many "Catholic Police Officers" in the Catholic world, patrolling for people who call themselves Catholic but don't live up to one particular aspect of Catholicism. And usually, the issue is that this person doesn't live up to another person's personal interpretation of Catholicism.

Let's stop with the bickering, and just love our Catholic brothers and matter how Catholic we think they might be.

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