Saturday, November 21, 2015

How Do Catholic Celebrities Spend the Presentation of Mary?

We hear so much about how our favorite celebrities enjoy spending the holiday season.

But, keeping in mind how much people seem to hate getting started on the holidays way too early, we're going to bring things a bit more into the present.

That's why today, we're asking the question: How do all of our favorite Catholic celebrities spend the Feast of the Presentation of Mary?

The Presentation of Mary is one of those classic holidays that sets us apart as Catholics.

Non-Catholic Christians couldn't even imagine celebrating such a feast, and that's one of the reasons it's important to remind us of just how special this feast day actually is.

With that in mind, keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@theghissilent), as we'll be bringing you the inside look at how all of you favorite Catholic celebrities are celebrating this very special day.

Will Danielle Bean be heading out for a run? Will Jen Fulwiler be brave enough to assemble some Ikea furniture? Will a member of the "Cath Sorority" be spending some time in Adoration?

We'll be covering it all!

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