Friday, November 27, 2015

How Catholic Hipster's Spend Black Friday

Black Friday has become a caricature of itself, in our society, and while some retailers are trying to promote a shift away from the annual mayhem of a cheap TV, it just isn't going far enough to change the culture of consumerism.

And so, today we are proposing a very different kind of Black Friday. The only kind of Black Friday you would ever expect from The Catholic Hipster weblog.

This Black Friday, and every Black Friday for that matter, presents Catholics with a pretty great opportunity.

The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone, and yet most of us are still off of work.

What's a Catholic to do?

Seems like a perfect opportunity for Daily Mass or Adoration, if you ask us.

That's right! We're all busy each and every work week, never having enough time to drop in for Daily Mass or to stop by that Perpetual Adoration chapel within driving distance of our house.

Today is the perfect day to change that!

So, instead of sitting in front of your streaming Netflix show of choice, instead of doing some extra chores to clean up the house, get thee to Church!

It'll be well worth it. 

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