Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Feast of All Saints!

Millions of Catholics around the Nation are going to be hitting up Mass on All Saints' Day this year, kind of by default, and I think that's awesome.

Yes, yes, I know the Catholic Hipster thing to do on All Saints' Day 2015 is to complain about how it should be moved to a Monday, or something like that, to force us all to go to Mass another day of the week during this very important season in the Church.

And, also yes, I personally have written posts on this very blog about how we need to bring back the more traditional Holy Day of Obligation schedule to help out this wimpy country of ours.

But, I have grown to see things a different way, even if only slightly so.

The Church is in the business of saving souls. And while that path to salvation can be narrow and difficult, the Church is there to help us along the way, and even (I would argue) to make it easier for us (via the Sacraments, the Magisterium's clear teaching, etc). While this Feast doesn't get "absorbed" because it actually fell on a Sunday, we do see many Feast Days get their obligation yanked because they're "close enough" to our weekly obligation, and I know that makes some people unhappy.

However, the fact is, the Church's accommodation in those circumstances is actually saving untold numbers of Catholic from potentially committing a mortal sin. And while I realize that most Catholics missing Mass on Holy Days of Obligation probably don't completely understand the choice they're making, thus mitigating their culpability, the fact is that the suppressing of the obligation due to the nearness of Sunday may actually be saving souls. 

Okay, I know I'm opening myself up to getting ripped apart for this opinion, especially in the Hipster Catholicism culture I pretend to represent.

But that's cool. I'm not saying that I'm right, I'm just saying it's got me thinking...

What do you think?

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