Thursday, November 12, 2015

Can We Just End The Martyr Complex?

Today is a day where the Church rocks the red, in honor of the martyr St. Josaphat.

Being a martyr is serious business, and it should never go understated that martyrs are an amazing witness to the Faith.

With that in mind, I would like to add to my long list of pleas for stopping things in our beloved Catholic World.

This time around, I'm asking that we all make an effort to put an end to what I like to call the "Martyr Complex."

You know the drill: "It's getting harder and harder to be a 'public Christian' in today's society, and it's looking more and more like we are edging toward seeing if we have what it takes to be martyrs for the faith."

We get constantly barraged with this "Chicken Little Christianity," and it gets pretty darn tiring, not to mention downright disrespectful to those who have been/are currently being put in the very real situation where they may have to be martyrs for the Faith.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable to be openly Catholic in today's culture.

No, it isn't anything akin to being a martyr for the Faith, and it is extremely unlikely that things will end up that way any time soon.

I'm sure there are Catholics who will disagree with me, mostly because it has become somewhat trendy to present the world as mega Anti-Catholic and even just flat out Anti-Faith. And while I agree that there are movements in that direction, I disagree that we are headed in the direction of martyrdom.

My opinion is that we just need to keep focusing on the present, and chill out about the future.

Now, bring on my martyrdom from the Catholic Twitterverse, for this post...

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  1. Being Catholic is counter cultural and following the Faith is against whatever the world tells you today. But it results in a happier, healthier, more content life. If we're comparing being judged by the world as martyrdom then we have fallen into the same trap of comfort and entitlement that the world teaches. Good post.