Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Behind the Mic: The Patrick Madrid Show

The Patrick Madrid Show is easily the top "homegrown" show on Immaculate Heart Radio.

Recently, Patrick took the show a step further by bringing the now well-known "Ms. Producer" on the airwaves to make things even more interesting and exciting.

Today, we're here to take you behind the mic...

As Patrick Madrid has often said, he is simply the "hood ornament" of the show that bares his.

There's a huge and talented cast of characters that make the show into one of the top rated shows on Catholic Radio, and one of those characters is the now famous "Ms. Producer."

It seems like there have actually been a couple Ms. Producers since the show started.

One, whose actual name is Mary, went on to a vocation in the religious life.

The latest, whose actual name is Kaelyn, has broken into all of our lives (and commutes) by going from behind the scenes, to front and center, and it has become a huge bonus to the show.

One day, we hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Kaelyn to hear all about the awesomeness that is working with Patrick Madrid.

Until we can actually make that happen, though, we'll just sit back and enjoy.

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