Monday, October 26, 2015

When Catholic Media is as Bad as the Rest...

So often, even on this very weblog, we Catholics call out the Secular Media for being biased (especially) in their reporting on religion.

They give us snippets of what Pope Francis said, but refuse to place it in its proper context They give us opinions about what the Synod is working on, rather than waiting for the final document to emerge. They give us the "who am I to judge," without the "if someone is truly seeking after God."

It isn't fair, I would argue, to allow Catholic Media to get away with the same kind of lame move without pointing it out as well.

The image above shows the headline and opening paragraph to an article by a popular Catholic blogger. I don't think it's important to mention specifically who (Google can provide that answer, I'm sure), as I'm just trying to point out that us Catholics have the same problems as the rest of the media.

My reaction to all of this, as it so often is, is best expressed by my dear pal Side-Eyeing Chloe.

Is this what we have come to expect? Catholic commentary on the Synod from people who haven't even read the documents? Claims and fears about the Synod gleamed from "conservative grumblings"?

I would have hoped that the person who wrote this article would have decided to stop writing after typing the opening paragraph.

But, since they didn't, I'm calling it out as lame.

React away...

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  1. Heck, he or she should have stopped after the first half of the sentence!
    Blogger: "I have not read the final document"
    Me: "OK bye"