Friday, October 16, 2015

What You Probably Didn't Know About St. Gerard

We try and keep all of our beloved hipster readers well-informed, and that's why today we're bringing you the things you probably didn't know about St. Gerard Majella.

While we're sure you know that St. Gerard is the Italian saint who has become the patron of all expectant mothers because of the miracle attributed to him for a woman in labor, did you know these facts about today's 18th Century saint?

  • As a lay brother of the Redemptorists, he served as a sacristan, gardener, porter, infimarian, and tailor
  • He had the gift of reading consciences
  • He was known for levitating and bi-locating

So, if you really want to get someone with an intercessory power that is beyond your wildest dreams, hit up St. Gerard for all of your expectant friends, and especially those entering into Labor!

St. Gerard, pray for us!

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