Thursday, October 8, 2015

The #Synod15 Bookie

Crux, as it often does, surprised me yesterday with an article that was headlined: 

"Archbishop Coleridge says synod 65/35 against Communion for the divorced and remarried"

Later in the article, the Archbishop is also noted to have said, "support is something on the order of 70/30 for for a less condemnatory language..."

First, I would like to say that I find this to be another example of poor reporting from this Catholic source. A lot of people are big on Crux, and quite frankly I don't get it. It seems that they are just another outlet interesting in stirring the pot, but dressed in slightly more "Regular Catholic" clothing.

To put out an article that talks about how 35% of Bishops disagree with Church teaching, does nothing good for the faithful. In fact, it only furthers the idea of the supposed rupture that the media loves to jump on. Even more so, the fact that 30% of Bishops would not be in favor of more compassionate and less condemnatory language, just ruffles my feathers.

What would Jesus say, bros?

But, the point of this post is not that Crux is irresponsible in their reporting, or that about 1/3 of Bishops seem to misunderstand the Church in one way or another. 

Instead, it's a post inspired by the weird "odds making" from the Crux article, out to set a couple of more odds on #Synod15.

Let's begin: 
  • Odds that "Synod Baby" will have his own Twitter account by the end of the week: 1 - 1
  • Odds that there will be Doctrinal Changes at the Synod:   - 1
  • Odds that Cardinal Kasper will get a book deal out of this: 15 - 1
  • Odds that I'll read that book, if it happens: 18,462 - 1
  • Odds that Pew Sitting Catholics will be happy with the Synod outcome: 3 - 1
  • Odds that the media will be happy with the Synod outcome: 114 - 1
  • Odds that my new Synod mascot "Synod Opossum" becomes an internet sensation: 11 - 1
  • Odds that I actually know how odds work, since I don't gamble: 179 - 1

What other odds will you be setting as a Catholic bookie for Synod 15? Would you bet on any of these ones? Have I completely misunderstood how odds work and made the opposite points I was hoping for?

Holla' back!

And, be sure to bet smart: bet on the Holy Spirit. 

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