Monday, October 5, 2015

#Synod15 Prep

Much like preparation before a major storm, Catholics everywhere need to do what they can to adequately prepare themselves for #Synod15, which has just recently kicked off.

First, go check out the Synod Drinking Game over at Sergio's weblog.

Now, get your backpack's time to fill it up with all the materials you'll be needing to survive the oncoming storm...

  • Ear plugs and eye patches: We are going to be fed so much garbage by the media (both secular and Catholic, in all honesty) when it comes to what is being decided at the Synod. It's best to ignore it all until the final documents come out.
  • "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey on repeat: This is my choice for the Song of the Synod. Whether you're "Progressive" or "Trad," or the rational middle ground, no matter what happens and no matter what you hear, you have to remember to keep on believing.
  • Whiskey and beer: Because...just because.
  • Google Translate Set To German: We're going to hear lots of wonky stuff from "Kasper the Friendly Cardinal" and his troop, and it would be best to get the translations fast and accurate, so that we can make fun,..
  • A Smile: I'm sure that a lot of our co-workers will be happy to explain to the Catholic at the office how the Church is finally changing it's teaching over there at the Synod. That's the perfect time to take out your smile, and grin through the rage...
  • A Rosary: Because what would a Catholic backpack be without one? 

What else are you packing in preparation for all the muck about to be raked on #Synod15? 

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