Monday, October 12, 2015

Rad Trads, #Synod15, and A Curious Obsession

I'm hoping you all can help me out.

For fun, I follow some Rad Trad Twitter accounts, mostly because they give me a good chuckle day in and day out. Reading things about "Vatican Thugs," or following the hashtag #DumpFrancis, just cracks me up.

What can I say? I'm weird...

So, Rad Trads have predictably been obsessing over #Synod15, which I'm sure comes as a shock to absolutely nobody. There are about 20,000 tweets per day about the "heretical synod," and probably just as many Michael Voris videos decrying the synod as ripping the Church in two.

All par for the course.

But today I saw a tweet that really made me want an answer the question posed in the typical Canva image above.

Here's the tweet:

I read that as I sipped my coffee this morning, and thought, "Yeah, why do the Rad Trads even give a second thought to the Synod?"

If "Holy Mother Church" has already left the building, who cares what happens to the "Modernist Sect"?

Is it just like a car wreck that they can't take their eyes off of? Is it like, "Man, good thing we figured out the real Church Christ founded is that little chapel that meets down the street and not that Billion-Plus nonsense running out of Rome"?

Or, is it that part of the Rad Trad brain still believes that the Church is the Church?

Do they, somewhere deep down inside, realize that they left the real Church, and they're watching, hoping for something to drag them back in?

I guess the only proper response is to toss up a prayer that they return home...and try our best not to be sarcastic when doing so...

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  1. I'm mystified at all this brouhaha about the Synod. No one's speaking ex cathedra here. And if anyone's using a hashtag #DumpFrancis, doesn't that indicate they're already IN schism?