Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pulpit Complaints in a Universal Church

If there is one thing that Catholics say over and over again, it's "Well, I've never heard (insert Church teaching) talked about from the Pulpit."

This argument is often tossed out in a discussion about how most Catholics don't know the faith, how the Church is in a downward spiral, etc.

Unfortunately, this argument doesn't hold up well to logic in a gigantic Universal Church.

I have two main problems with this argument:

1) There are Catholic Churches all over the world, and each and every day there is a Homily coming from the pulpits in said Churches.

It doesn't follow that just because a certain Priest, or collection of priests at a certain Parish, isn't/aren't bringing the truth, that this is a problem for the Church as a whole. In fact, I can definitely say that my Parish does have Priests who bring the whole truth in love, and speak on the hard issues like contraception, abortion, marriage, etc on a seemingly weekly basis.

2) These complaints often end up being an argument that what is being preached from the pulpit just isn't what the person likes. It isn't about the Gospel being preached incorrectly, but rather that the focus of the Homily isn't the focus that we want.

This is one of the difficult things about Catholicism. It isn't about us. It's about Jesus. His message was one of truth and turning away from sin, indeed, but it was also (and I would argue even more so) about mercy, love, and forgiveness.

A Homily on the later is not watering down the faith, quite the contrary, it is reminding us that despite all of our shortcomings and faults, all of our sins and misunderstandings, He is still there for us.

And...let the complaints about my thoughts begin!

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  1. I don't understand why so many Catholics expect to be spoon-fed during the Homily at Mass. It's what, maybe 10 minutes? It's not even meant to be the place to educate on ALL church teachings. It's seriously our responsibility to grow in faith and to teach our children. We don't even have an excuse with the Internet! Even those without access to the Internet, there are far more excellent books that explain church teaching than ever before.