Saturday, October 17, 2015

Obscure Saint of The Day: St. John the Dwarf

I'm not out to offend anybody with today's obscure saint, so maybe we should call him St. John The Little Person?

From 339-405, St. John the Dwarf was rocking Catholicism from Egypt like nobody else. 

The most well-known story about John is about his obedience to St. Pambo. Pambo directed John to plant a dry piece of wood into the ground and water it twice each day, even though it was planted 12 miles from where they lived. Miraculously, the wood sprouted into a tree that even grew its own fruit...and that tree still exists today.

I mean, seriously, how cool is our Catholic faith?!

Also, I believe Matt Swaim wrote about John the Dwarf for a book back in the that's got to be considered the second most famous thing about him.

St. John the Dwarf, pray for us!

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