Monday, October 12, 2015


So often our Catholic Hipster contests are all about people other than you.

Not so with today's award.

Welcome to #MyHipsterParish!

Instead of giving you a list of hipsters to choose from, today we're reaching out to you: our seven loyal readers, to get feedback on the hipster Catholic parishes around.

Does your parish have an altar rail, rock the Extraordinary Form, or just have an amazing choir that would leave the Heavenly Host impressed?

Does your parish have mind blowing stained glass windows, a brain busting organ, or more NFP resources that you could shake a stick at?

If so, you just might be registered at the next #MyHipsterParish!

Let us know about it!

Hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #MyHipsterParish, and we'll post the top hipster parishes here on the weblog for everyone to read about.

Is your parish hip enough to win the crown?

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