Monday, October 26, 2015


Today's Hipster contest is a little different.

Rather than forcing our six loyal readers to select from a pre-identified group of five nominees, we are flinging the doors wide open for y'all.

Today we're playing #MakeACelebrityACatholicHipster!

So, out of all the actors, athletes, politicians, Church figures, authors, musicians, artists, and every other category that breeds celebrity these days, who would you choose to become a mega Catholic?

Would you want Brad Pitt to be seen in People Magazine headed into adoration? Would you want to see Lil Wayne live on TMZ, walking out of a Traditional Latin Mass? Would you like to see Joe Biden...just being an actual Catholic?

Shout out your choice and why over on Twitter with the hashtag #MakeACelebrityACatholicHipster!

Have fun!!

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