Monday, October 5, 2015


Professional athletes are often portrayed as bad boys. Dudes going after tons of money, tons of ladies, and tons of vice.

However, there is a group out there, playing sports and living the Catholic life, and today we recognize the top five, and crown our first-ever #HipsterCatholete!

1. Mike Sweeney: The long-time Kansas City Royal ended his baseball career with an impressive .297 batting average over a 16 year career. 215 HRs and 909 RBIs go along way to show how dominant Sweeney was during his time in the bigs. And...he's Catholic! He organizes the Catholic Baseball Camp, has appeared on Catholic Answers Live, and has even shown up on EWTN's Life on the Rock. He's a swinging stud who also gives props to the power of his faith in his life!

2. Philip Rivers: This 33 year old QB for the San Diego Super Chargers has thrown over 250 touchdowns in his amazing career, and has the seven kids to prove just how Catholic he is! He and his wife have openly talked about NFP, he has headlined events for Catholic Answers, and he promotes how his faith has shaped his career and his priorities in life. 

3. Kobe Bryant: There is nothing that needs to be said about Kobe Bryant's career in sports to help you understand his greatness as an athlete. I will share a quick story, though: One Sunday, my wife and I were at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in Newport Beach, CA. We were kneeling down, praying after Communion, when all of the sudden, I looked up and saw Kobe and his family walking back to their seats. And, cover your ears kids, I said (quite loud), "Holy shit, that's Kobe Bryant!!!" My wife  elbowed me, but was also shocked to see THE Black Mamba with his family at Mass.

4. Roger Federer: The winner of 17 Grand Slam titles, and the man with the honor of making it to a total of 26 Grand Slam Finals is a beast on the court. The tennis great has also spoken at great lengths about his Catholicism, including the thrill of meeting Pope Benedict XVI. 

5. Dominique Dawes: How could we pass up a member of one of the most exciting Olympic Games in American history? "Awesome Dawesome" was one of the members of the "Magnificent 7" from the 1996 Olympic Games, capturing the hearts and attention of everyone around the country. She's also the first female gymnist to be a part of three Olympic medal winning teams. And, she's a Catholic convert! She has even been on the World Over Live on EWTN, talking about how her Catholic faith has helped her to let go of her perfectionist nature and to simply trust in God. 

So, let's vote! Who do you think has what it takes to add the crown of #HipsterCatholete to their trophy case? Vote over on the right side of the page, until Sunday, and hit up Twitter with the hashtag #HipsterCatholete to tell people where your allegiance lies. 

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