Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Have a Catholic Halloween?

So much ink has been spilled, or is about to be spilled, on Halloween in the Catholic Blogosphere over the years, that I don't really intend to spill much more.

Yes, we all know that Halloween has Catholic origins, no need to blog about that.

Yes, we all know that our children would probably be better off not dressing in some demonic, unchaste, or overly scary manner, no need to blog about that.

Yes, it can be cute when your kid dressed up at St. Whoever, no need to blog about that.

But, as I often do, I'm going to take this opportunity to appeal for sanity in the Catholic world.

What I'm hoping for is that Catholics can take a step (even if only a baby step) toward being normal this Halloween. 

Can we just let our children dress up as their favorite superhero, animal, cartoon character, or whatever else they want to be (within reason), go out trick-or-treating, hang up skeletons around the house, and be like regular folks?

Can we stop the barrage of calls to Catholic Answers Live asking if our children can participate in the secular holiday and still maintain a state of Grace? 

Can we stop blogging about how having a skull on your dining room table during the Halloween season is the first step toward welcoming the occult into our lives?

I know somebody is going to give me flack on this...but can we just be normal for a minute?



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  2. Ditto on the article, Hipster. I could rant in a lot of ways about what's happened to my favourite holiday (as opposed to the Holy Day) but your pleas for perspective and sense hit a lot of them.

  3. The skull thing is one of my pet peeves. Have these people never heard of Dia de los Muertos? Or of those (admittedly somewhat creepy) bone cathedrals? Or even of the various saints (St. John of the Cross cones to mind) who kept skulls out to remind them to focus on heaven? Hashtag fail.

  4. I find it to be perfectly normal to not celebrate Halloween at all.