Friday, September 11, 2015

Which Hymns Would You Ban?

Hat tip to Father Chris Ortega for inspiring this post! Yesterday, he shared a fundraising idea where parishioners could donate money to get their least favorite hymn banned for a year. I thought it was pretty epic, and spent some time thinking about which hymns I would pay to get banned.

There are PLENTY of hymns that I would thankfully see kicked out of our worship in the Catholic Church. But, how about we narrow things down? I'm going to share the 5 hymns that I would love to see banned, and then turn it over to you, so that you can share the hymns that make you feel like you want to just get up and walk out.

Here we go...

1. "All Are Welcome"

2. "Gather Us In"

3. "City of God"

4. "Lord of the Dance"

5. "All the Ends of the Earth" (the one that says "For the Lord of the Earth, the Master of the Sea...")

That's my top five (or bottom five depending on how you look at it). How about you?

Which five hymns would you love to see kicked to the curb?

1 comment:

  1. 1. "Sing of the Lord's Goodness"
    2. "We Are Called"
    3. "Let There Be Peace on Earth"
    4. "Go Make a Diff'rence"
    5. "Sing a New Church"

    It did not take long to come up with those.