Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What's Harder? Asking a Girl Out or Asking a Priest to Come Over?

Maybe it shouldn't be...but it is!

I know, I know...Priests are just normal people. Just your average sinner like you and me.

And yet, it's incredibly hard to invite one over for dinner or even to ask one if he'd like to have a beer with you on some random weeknight.

Why is that?

Can we just be honest with each other? Priests are different than you and me!

They do amazing things we can't even dream of doing: They are the face of Christ in the Confessional!! They wake up at all hours of the night to come and comfort sick and dying strangers!! They facilitate the change of an insignificant wafer into the very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus, for Pete's sake!!  

Given all of that, yes, the idea of kicking back at a local pub and enjoying a beer with the guy is a bit difficult for me to wrap my mind around. 

And yet, I know they need it.

I know Priests need to hang out like us "regular" folk, to kick back and get a break from what must be an insane amount of work around the Parish, to hang out with married people who have kids to help them in their counseling to other married people who have kids, and even to have a chance to talk about something other than God for a little while  (hat tip to Jen Fulwiler on the SOTG reference).

Even so, there I am, walking out of Mass, repeating in my head that this will be the time I finally ask Father if he'd like to hang out some time. And, inevitably, I immediately start flashing back to the weeks before the Homecoming dance in high school, and I just make some comment about the weather in a cracking teenage type voice, and keep walking.

Well, enough is enough! This Sunday I'm finally going to ask our Priest if he wants to hang out! I'm finally going to get up the nerve to walk straight up to him and say, "Father, I've been wanting to ask you something!"

Man, I'm getting sweaty just writing this...let's go see what kind of donuts they have out this week...

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