Thursday, September 17, 2015

#TypicalCatholicBlog Must Be Stopped!

Okay, first I just want to say that many people might consider this weblog a "Typical Catholic Blog" (the horror!), so let's take everything I say with a grain of salt (this blog is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, after all). But I just can't help but say:

The Typical Catholic Blogs Must Be Stopped!!!!!

I've had this feeling for quite a while, and if anyone out there follows me on Twitter (which, for your sake, I sincerely hope you don't), I'm sure you've seen me float the hashtag #TypicalCatholicBlog. And while I know there's a time and a place for the typical Catholic blog post, sometimes I just feel like we take it way too far.

"Our Culture Can Only Be Saved When Men Start Acting Like Men"

"10 Ways You Might Be Losing Your Grip On Your Emotional Chastity"

"Yes, Kids Are Crazy, But We Should Always Embrace The Insanity With Joy"

"4 Things I Learned About Redemptive Suffering While Microwaving A Bagel Bite"

I'm sure that these things are speaking to someone out there, and that someone needs to hear it from time to time, but I just can't help but feel like we take it a bit far sometimes.

Does everything that happens in our lives have to be fodder for a blog post (and no, the irony is not lost on me here)? Does every thing that happen in our lives have to end up teaching us something about the Catholic faith? Does every single inconvenience have to lead to a Catholic insight meant for the masses?

You might be wondering what pushed me over the edge on this one, why I decided I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I don't mind sharing. It was our dear friends at FOCUS: 

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Don't get me wrong, I love FOCUS and everything they do, but they are often one of the main offenders of the #TypicalCatholicBlog problem we have here in the Catholic Blogosphere.

Let's just stop it, people.

I'll have to stop my rambling here, my post on "4 Saints Who Helped Get Me Through My Kid's Meltdown" is due by 11:30 am. 

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