Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Question On Everyone's Mind about the SSPX...

The big news in the Catholic media world today was all about Pope Francis and the SSPX.

In anticipation of the upcoming Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has written that priests within the SSPX will be able to validly and licitly hear Confessions and provide absolution.

This has led to the obvious question that is now at the forefront of everyone's mind:

Can we still make fun of the SSPX?

I mean, as faithful followers of Christ, the Church He founded, and the Vicar running the show until He comes back, we kind of have a duty to makes hilarious jokes about folks who think they're more Catholic than the Pope, right?

Anyone with a sense of humor who has come into contact with the many types of Rad Trads out there must agree, making a little joke about the SSPX here and there is pretty enjoyable.

So, given the Pope's nod to the validity of their Sacrament of Reconciliation, can we still crack jokes?

In the words of Pope Francis (provided to you with absolutely no context): "Yes."

And, without further ado:

What do you call a parishioner of the SSPX chapel down the street? A Protestant!

*insert hilarious post-joke rim shot*

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