Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Pope Meets Kim Davis, and I'm Like...What?!

Let's be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Kim Davis.

Sure, I share her belief that marriage is an institution created by God, preceding all religion and government, and that it only makes sense between one man and one woman...but outside of that?

Not a huge fan.

And so, when Twitter rumors started surfacing last night, with links to weird blogs written in the basement of somebody's Mother, I shrugged it off.

"Yeah, right! Pope Francis wouldn't meet with HER, would he?"

As most of you probably know, the mainstream media has now picked up the story, and the Vatican press office has taken the bold step to not deny that the meeting took place.

Like most of you, I'm pretty surprised...

And yet, this type of thing is the very kind of move that I've been praising Pope Francis for ever since he stepped foot on our soil: Making people uncomfortable by his ability to reach out and to truly walk the walk.

Of course, when he makes me uncomfortable, my initial response is to be opposed to it...until I see the hypocrisy in my stance.

You see, everything I saw and heard from Pope Francis while he was here in the US was right up my alley. I actually enjoyed seeing people, Catholics and Non-Catholics alike, getting upset or frustrated because of his words and actions.

And the whole time, I sat back comfortably in my chair thinking, "That's right, he's making you uncomfortable, and it's awesome."

But when reports come out that he did something that made me feel uncomfortable, I was immediately shocked and frustrated, as if he betrayed me by doing something that I didn't think should have happened!

Aren't we humans hilarious creatures?

So, even though I don't quite get it, and even though I think it was an odd move to meet her while he was here when there were so many others that he could have met with, I want to take this opportunity to thank Pope Francis.

Something you did while you were here finally made me uncomfortable, and because of that, I was able to really see the love you have (and the love Jesus has) for all of us in a new way. 

Well done, Sir.

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