Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Next Great Catholic Catch Phrase!

If you spend most of your down time at work on Catholic social media, I'm sure you have come across more than your fair share of somewhat bizarre phrases that exist nowhere outside of the Catholic world.

From tweets about "emotional chastity," to blog posts about "spiritual gluttony," the Catholic guilt game is strong around the inter-webs these days.

So, today we're out to coin the next great (but mostly awkward) Catholic catch phrase.

Can you think of something we can come up with to help people feel guilty for being normal?

Here are my ideas for the next great Catholic catch phrase:

"Parental Acedia" - when you're a sinfully slothful parent because the baby didn't let you get any sleep last night.

"Generosity Greed" - when you sinfully desire to give more to help those in need.

"Papal Pride" - when you are just a little to happy to be a part of the one, true Church founded by Jesus.

"Hymnal Wrath" - when you are perpetually frustrated with the poor choice of music at Mass these days.

"Heavenly Host Envy" - when your desire to be like the Saints goes a tad too far...

"Holy Order Lust" - when you want one of your children to discern a vocation to religious life, just a little too much...

Alright hipsters, it's time for you to hit up Twitter and share your ideas for the next great Catholic catch phrase!

Ready? Go!

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