Thursday, September 24, 2015

#PopeinUS - Pope Francis Addresses Congress

Huge props to the USCCB's live stream for hooking my family up with the Pope's address to congress during breakfast, and even bigger props to Immaculate Heart Radio for covering the audio feed during my commute to work this morning.

It's definitely a great time to be Catholic in the United States!

Pope Francis stepped up to the podium this morning as the first Pope to address a joint session of Congress, and I have to say that he completely rocked the house.

Listening to this speech helped me to more fully understand the Pope's role as a shepherd of the entire world, and his desire to speak with the love of a pastor that brings people together, rather than speaking with divisive language that breaks people apart. He has made it clear that the truth can be conveyed in a way that does not turn people away, but rather helps everyone to understand, appreciate, and feel included.

I think he walked this line perfectly today.

His speech to Congress, and to all of us, perfectly touched on issues of life, family, peace, hope, justice, the need for equality, the protection of our common home, and the dangers of our throwaway culture.

Of course, there has been the inevitable reaction of many Catholic following his speech. The endless bemoaning of what they perceive as the lack of directness on the issues that they want the Pope to speak on.

Again, I think it is important to remind these folks to listen intently to the words of Pope Francis. Re-read the text of his speech. He hits on all the issues that you want him to hit on, and he does so in a way that allowed everyone to hear it.

Abortion? He talked about it!

Traditional Marriage/Family? He talked about it!

Helping the poor? He talked about it!

Working together to end the terror caused by extremists? He talked about it!

The death penalty? He talked about it!

He nailed the speech all the way around, and I encourage everyone to take another look to see how masterfully he accomplished it.

Click here to read it.

Another completely awesome thing from this morning was Pope Francis' comments after his speech:

"Please pray for me. And if you are not a believer or cannot pray, please send me your good wishes."

I loved this. And I'm looking forward to everything else this Papal Visit is going to bring!

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